Welcome to ECBS-EERC 2009

ECBS-EERC was established at the ECBS 2008 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to allow ECBS academics and practitioners in Eastern Europe to assemble, present papers, and produce a conference publication. The main goal is to provide professional conference opportunity for Eastern Europeans and still keep the meeting costs attractive.

ECBS-EERC 2009 is hosted by the Faculty of Technical Sciences - Department for Computer Engineering & Computer Communications at the University of Novi Sad, which is situated in the City of Novi Sad, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia.

ECBS-EERC 2009 is being supported by Ministry for Science of Republic of Serbia and it is organized with the technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE TC on Engineering of Computer Based Systems. The IEEE Computer Society will include the ECBS-EERC 2009 proceedings in its digital library.

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