ECBS-EERC 2011 will be held in Bratislava, in Congress Center Družba.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located at the borders of Austria and Hungary. It is only 60 km from Vienna, and approximately that far from Czech Republic. It rests at the banks of Danube with its westernmost parts touching the Morava river at its mouth into the Danube. Being at such an extraordinary location helped Bratislava develop its rich cultural and historical heritage part of which can be still felt in the squares and narrow streets of the Old Town with its numerous palaces, in the Bratislava Castle, or ruins and archeological sites at the Devín Castle. See more at the Bratislava official website.

Congress Center Družba, a part of Hotel Družba, is just a few tram stations along the Danube bank from the city center. At the same time, it is within a walking distance from the building where the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak University of Technology resides.

Travel Information

Bratislava is easily accessible by plane or train, either directly or from Vienna. From some locations, traveling by car or bus may be a favorable option, too. See a more detailed information at


We pre-booked some rooms directly in Hotel Družba until June 10. Rooms can be booked at —please refer to ECBS-EERC. Internet connection in rooms is provided free of charge.

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   Photographs in the banner by Ondrejk, Martin Proehl, Radovan Bahna, Rafal Konkolewski, and Bojars.