Hotel Park *****

address: Novosadskog Sajma 35
phone: +381 (0)21 4 888 888
fax: +381 (0)21 6621 974

The largest Hotel complex, not only in Serbia, but in the whole area of ex Yugoslavia. It is located near Novi Sad Fair in the heart of the biggest city park.

Hotel Leopold I *****

address: Petrovaradinska tvrdjava
phone: +381 (0)21 488 7878
fax: +381 (0)21 488 7877

Hotel Leopold is situated at the top of the Petrovaradin Fortress, the most visited tourist destination in Novi Sad, above the right Danube bank. Everything in this hotel is imbued with the spirit of the Late Renaissance which will charm you with its harmony and evoke past times. Being more than a luxurious hotel, Leopold I symbolizes elegance and pleasure but also proves that the art of living still exists and endures.

Hotel Aleksandar ****

address: Bulevar cara Lazara 79
phone: +381 (0)21 480 44 44
fax: +381 (0)21 480 44 44

First class, 4-star, exclusively equipped hotel, located directly to the sports and business city centre Vojvodina (SPENS) and Merkator Mall. Its building is based on the highest world standards.

Hotel Ile de France ****

address: Cara Dusana 41
phone: +381 (0)21 6362 382


Ile de France is new exclusive hotel near Novi Sad Fair and Master Centre. A beautiful luxurious edifice in baroque style will satisfy even the most choosy among guests. It gives you complete pleasure and rest. The hotel has 14 suites of highest world standards and a car park with camera observance. Each room has a TV, telephone and LAN Internet connection.

Hotel Gymnas ****

address: Teodora Pavlovica 28
phone: +381 (0)21 467 710


Hotel Gymnas is the unique place where business, traditional values and hospitality are merged. Comfortable, business like with soft artistic touch makes strong impression on all guests. The hotel offer includes the services of an impressive fitness centre (gym, sauna, massages), car parking with constant video surveillance, ATM and free internet connection.

Hotel Novi Sad ***

address: Bulevar Jase Tomica bb
phone: +381 (0)21 442 511
fax: +381 (0)21 443 072

Hotel "Novi Sad" is a three-star hotel located near the central bus and railway station. Being surrounded by the boulevards, hotel "Novi Sad" has a location that provides easy access to city center, Novi Sad Fair, Sports and Business Center Vojvodina (SPENS), and other city attractions.

Hotel Vojvodina ***

address: Trg Slobode 2
phone: +381 (0)21 6622-122
fax: +381 (0)21 6615-445

The oldest hotel in Novi Sad, built in 1854 and located in center of the city. During its 150 years long history it has always been the center of culture, entertainment and political life of the town.
Originally known as "Empress Elisabeth" hotel, its name was changed two more times. First to "Queen Maria" and then in 1945 after the Second world war the hotel got current name.
Even though the city got electric lightning in 1910, the hotel has had it since 1899. Since it was built the hotel didn't change its original look and it hosted many travelers and famous people.

Hotel Zenit ***

address: Zmaj Jovina 8
phone: +381 (0)21 66 21 444
fax: +381 (0)21 6621 327

Hotel Zenit is a five level structure with over 900 m useful surface, built in 1998, in the yard of Zmaj Jovina Street, famous pedestrian zone, next to Emporium of Freedom in the exact center of Novi Sad. Building itself is composed by joining architectural - technical, urbanistic, estetic and economic elements, and as a unity, proffers big possibilities for creative - business - attractive expression of enterpreneurship and business spirit.
Standard hotel offer includes free Wi-Fi system, parking with 24/7 video supervision. Rent-a-car and Rent-a-boat services, acess for disabled persons, pet box; baby bed and baby chair for restaurant if it's requested.

Hotel Sajam ***

address: Hajduk Veljkova 11
phone: +381 (0)21 420 266
fax: +381 (0)21 420 265

It is two kilometers far from the center of Novi Sad and it is located very close to the Novi Sad fair. The hotel is consisted of six suites, fifty-one double-bedded and four single-bedded rooms, a restaurant with domestic and international cuisine, a car park, a laundry room, a safe and a photocopier machine.


Voyager ****

address: Strazilovska 16
phone: +381 (0)21 453 711
fax: +381 (0)21 453 711

Voyager apartments are the first of its kind in the city of Novi Sad. They are located 500m from the down town area, 300m from the Danube, 100 m from the "Vojvodina", Sports & Business Center, 100m from University Center, and have excellent means of transportation to all other parts of the City.