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Novi Sad is located about 80km to the northwest of Belgrade, about 300km from Budapest, 424 km from Ljubljana, 309km from Zagreb, 548 km from Podgorica, and 100km from the border town (with Hungary) of Subotica.

Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade On the preceding link you can find accurate informations about plain arrivals/departures.

There is no direct bus connection from Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad. However, we have arranged a company that runs daily car transport between Belgrade Airport and Novi Sad, e.g.

+381 (0)21 44 66 70
+381 (0)21 44 66 40
+381 (0)21 44 43 79 (08h-16h)
mobile: +381 (0)63 52 63 88
Taxi from Airport to Novi Sad costs ~3200 RSD (~35€).

We can suggest a taxi services at +381 (0)63 7 155 117 (Taxi from Surcin to Novi Sad and Novi Sad-Surcin). Also we suggest you to avoid taking a taxi on the Airport Taxi station (economically seen it is better for you to make an earlier taxi reservation to avoid paying a larger taxi bill).

BAS - Belgrade Bus Station Airport Nikola Tesla is located 12km from main bus/railway station in Belgrade. If you plan to travel to Novi Sad we recommend taking a taxi from airport to the main bus station. Depending on the company, price should not exceed 1200 dinars (around 15€).

Novi Sad is about 80km from Belgrade via international highway E75 and there are buses on every 15-30 minutes. Drive usualy takes about 90 minutes and the price may vary, depending on the bus travelling company, but it should not be more than 800 dinars (10€) including safety taxes.

Rent A Car

There are several car renting agencies located at the Belgrade Airport offering different types of vehicles for different prices. Many of them include discounts by the number of rental days, and usualy don't charge by the distance covered. Price per day may be from 50€ to 200€ depending on the car model.

Belgrade - Novi Sad by Car

The fastest and easiest way is driving East from the airport to Belgrade via E70 highway for about 6-7 kilometers, and then exit to E75 highway following the clear direction signs for Novi Sad. Exit to Novi Sad is about 80km North-West from that point.

E75 is the toll-road and the fee is 240 dinars (3€) at this moment. They accept most of the credit cards, but it is much easier if you have some change.